Luxury Branding

Depict Luxury Products in Far and High Places

Luxury products are more desirable when they are located further away from people.

A billboard ad for a luxury watch


Luxury brands are aspirational.

If these brands are too attainable, we no longer desire them. Therefore, luxury brands should feel distant from customers.

In one study, customers preferred a luxury backpack when they were standing far away, but they preferred an everyday backpack when they were standing closer (Chu, Chang, & Lee, 2021).

A luxury bag behind a store counter, and somebody who is standing far away wants to buy it.

Advertise in Distant Mediums

Selling a luxury watch? Consider advertising in billboards. This fixed distance instills the desired perception.

Plus, viewers need to look up at billboards. Powerful brands are more appealing when they are located up high (Sundar & Noseworthy, 2014).

Zoom Backwards in Videos

Luxury brands are more appealing when videographers move further away from these products (Togawa & Sugitani, 2022).

Angle Luxury Photos Upward

Children visually look up at their parents. From a young age, we associate upward angles with powerful entities.

Even today, tall people are typically stronger and more powerful. 

Researchers found that upward angles activate power. Even mundane products, like white rice, look more powerful when the brand photography is positioned with an upward view (Van Rompay, De Vries, Bontekoe, & Tanja‐Dijkstra, 2012).

Packages of white rice. An upward angle of the rice looks more luxurious

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